Revelation!  I’m an introvert 

Can’t remember why, but read this article:

Why Introverts Are An Asset To The Workplace

I was shocked by how much the description matched my personality.  All this time I thought I was a bit anti-social, a bit weird.  Now I understand.  What a revelation.

If only I knew I was an introvert ages ago I could have played to my strengths rather than model myself on the popular extroverts.

Isn’t it weird that an Internet article knows more about me than I do.

Have been trying to embrace my new introverted confidence but it is hard to resist fully succumbing to it’s seductively private alure.

I feel this new knowledge of how to master my energies has a dark forbidden purpose.  Do you get swallowed by the attractive pull of quiet emptiness?

Sorry, I couldn’t find an image of how I feel but thought this was cool.

8 thoughts on “Revelation!  I’m an introvert 

    1. Thanks for the reply. I get INTP as results. I’m not really sure the difference between iNtuition and Sensing though.

      Do we put energy into mastering our weaknesses or improving our strengths?


      1. i think Sensing people tend to be more practical, logical and concrete thinkers. Intuitive people seem to always be able to “connect the dots”, see the bigger picture, have accurate hunches etc. In my experience, Intuitive types are more likely to be spiritual, ponder meaning of life, and all that “deep stuff”. Hope that helps!
        To answer your question, I do believe that like with anything, we need to put in the energy to get results.

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      2. Me and my partner were watching a quiz show. There was a question on how planes fly. My partner just said with wings and possibly magic. I bored her with description of lift and air flow then I have to go away and look into more detail.

        Does that make her sensing and me intuition?


      3. Probably would. I can’t really think of many introverts that I know. I haven’t really had much interaction. I think my sister-in-law is introverted – but that is the problem with Introverts isn’t it – we don’t give much away. I haven’t understood introverts until recently, now i think I can bond a bit better with her now.

        Wonder how you being an INFJ would see things differently to me? you are the Judger I’m the Perceiver?

        You are Feeling, I’m Thinking.

        Think i got that right?

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  1. Have you ever watched Susan Cain’s speech on the power of introverts? You can watch it on YouTube (just search for Susan Cain Power of Introverts). It is a great speech that shows why introverts are actually rather important for our society, and it cheered me up a bit when I saw it – knowing that there’s someone out there who understands.

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